Happy Halloween Greetings Card Messages, Text Wordings, Lines Thoughts

By   October 29, 2016

You can find here best Happy Halloween Greetings Card Messages, Text Wordings, Lines Thoughts Images and many more. These creepy or funny Halloween messages can send to one person once received. It depends on what kind of Halloween greetings card messages you are going to send to your friends, family members, lover, wife, boss, husband, uncle aunt etc. You can use these Halloween samples messages, text wording and thoughts. We also have funny Halloween Text Wording, Line, Quotes and Halloween jokes for kids and for adults.

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Happy Halloween Greetings Messages

Have time to pray for our departed loved ones.
Only today they are thought of so much!
Happy Halloween!

Visit them today and take time to light a candle.
This is the day that they should be remembered well.
Happy Halloween!


Light your pumpkin and walk around.
Greet Happy Halloween to everyone!


May this celebration of Halloween be both tricky and full of treats for you!
Happy Halloween!


Spread the tricks and give out treats this Halloween season!
Happy Halloween!


Do not fear because this day is a day to cheer for our lost beloved.
Happy Halloween!

Halloween is the only time when they are most remembered.
Make this day a day of remembrance for them.
Happy Halloween!


God cared for our loved ones up there in heaven.
They are cuddled by angels and were loved so much.
So do not be sorrowful, they are better up there!
Happy Halloween!


Be spooky yet harmless on this day when most people are scary.
Be gentle this Halloween, Happy Halloween!


A card is all I have for you this Halloween celebration.
Written here is a message directly from the grave!
Happy Halloween!


Be quiet this day and feel their presence working on your nerves.
Never mind those goose bumps.
It is Halloween anyways
Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Thoughts

We are all dead because of our sins
yet become alive because of God’s love.
The real life is when we are there with our Lord in heaven.
Happy Halloween! Animated Happy Halloween Wishes Wallpapers

Angels are way to bring our prayers to those we love who are now in heaven.
They give our messages so that they will still feel the love that we have for them.
Happy Halloween!


Do not pity for our lost ones because they are happier up there!
Happy Halloween!


Trick or treat!
Sweets for the young and for those young at heart!
Happy Halloween!


When dogs howl, and witches fly in their broomsticks.
It is the time to greet a Happy Halloween!


Let us remember the love we have for those who has left us.
Cherish the days when we can still share a love to those who are still with us.
Happy Halloween!

Halloween Trick or Treating Quotes Sayings Image Wallpapers Photos Pictures

Halloween Trick or Treating Quotes Sayings Image Wallpapers Photos Pictures

Halloween Text Wordings and Lines

Tears are not enough to express how
we grieve for the loss of our beloved.
Let this day be special by remembering them
with a sincere prayer that will reach them.
Happy Halloween!


It is said that during this day, the doors of heaven are opened
so that the souls of the departed will have time to come down
and be reunited with their families.
Feel their presence and light a candle for them.
Happy Halloween!


Lucky are those who are now in the arms of our Father
for they will no longer endure the agony that this world sometimes give.
Happy Halloween!


Be happy that your beloved is now one with the Lord.
Offer them prayers and love.
Continue to live as if they are not dead.
Happy Halloween!


Do not be afraid of ghosts.
It is just in the mind.
Happy Halloween!


When the person you love becomes a memory,
cherish it and let those memories stay in your heart forever.
Happy Halloween!


Light your pumpkin and dress a little weird.
Make this day funny instead of being feared.
Happy Halloween!


We are afraid of ghosts yet every Halloween we dress up like them.
What if the one beside you in that Halloween Party is real?
Happy Halloween!

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